A Closer Look at Birth Control Weight Loss Pills

Just a few years ago, a breakthrough in contraception and dieting came about. A certain birth control weight loss pill was created and it promised women of preventing unwanted pregnancies and allowed them to lose weight at the same time.

The drug is called Yasmin and it created such a big buzz in the women market. Berlex Laboratories created the pill and they originally designed it as any other regular birth control pill. However, they did try to address the fluid retention or weight gain associated with other birth control pills. The pill was released in 2001 but its ability to reduce the weight of its users was discovered only a year later.

And so a formal expert study was created to prove the rumors behind the so-called birth control weight loss pill. Researchers conducted a test on 300 women and analyzed their body weights at the start of the trial period. They are then asked to take Yasmin for about six months. After that period, the researchers discovered that women who regularly took the birth control weight loss pill lost an average of two pounds.
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