The Sonoma Diet and the Mediterranean Diet: How alike are they really?

Believe it or not there are two diets out there where you could lose weight without counting calories, or giving up carbs. This is the basis behind the Sonoma Diet.

The Sonoma diet claims to be structured after the Mediterranean Diet but geared more toward weight loss results. In fact some people even confuse the two diets and think of them as one and the same, but there are a few key differences.

While both promote portion control, calorie control and believe in the theory that good food should be enjoyed, the similarities stop there. Yes you can eat carbs on both diets, but the Sonoma Diet is structured similar to Atkins and South Beach. Instead of being called phases though, the Sonoma diet refers to it as Waves. Wave 1 is designed to kick your sugar habit and forbids fruit or alcohol for ten days. Most people experience rapid waste loss in those first ten days and that usually motivates them to stay on wave one longer than they should.
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