Extra Fast Weight Loss For Emergencies

Ok, for you to read an extra fast weight loss guide, you are probably looking to dropping a few pounds in a few days. You are probably already on a diet and still looking for other ways to kill the extra calories in whatever time you have. So here are some food and exercise tips to supplement your ongoing diet.

As seen from many diets, drinking lots of water is crucial to extra fast weight loss. For example, you can consume cold water to cut the calories. This is because your body tries to keep itself at a constantly warm temperature so will expend calories to warm your body up. (However, if you are a believer in traditional Chinese medicine and since the latter does not advocate drinking iced drinks, you may want to tick this suggestion off your list) Secondly, when you get hungry, try having a glass of water before reaching for a bite since our body sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. Wait 5 minutes before deciding you really need that snack. Most of the time, you do not!

Now to your food, if like me, you must have a sugar fix almost every few hours in a day, extra fast weight loss for you is simply by not indulging in this harmful habit! It is easy to say but how exactly to go about doing it? Studies have shown that people crave sweets and starches to increase the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin. So find out why you crave such foods instead of just blindly giving into your cravings. Another way is to purge your home of junk, having to travel to get a snack is sure to put your dent in your appetite.
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