Weight Loss Drinks: The Pros and Cons

You also wanted to start your diet but it gets too tedious with all the calories and label-scrutinising. Now it is late and you are contemplating an alternative diet… Yes, weight loss drinks or liquid meal replacements are the lazy man’s (or rather woman’s) shortcut to a slimmer silhouette. Do they work? I shall touch on the pros and cons of such weight loss drinks and you can make a better decision for yourself.

Some people swear by weight loss drinks for the time saved and convenience offered. Unlike simply adding water to your shake, conventional diets usually require one to tediously count calories of almost every food item that goes into their mouths (yikes!), hunt around for the lowest-fat foods stated in recipes. What’s worst? Actually preparing the darn meal! Thus meal replacements are great when you simply have no time to prepare their meal or even eat! Think of your skipped breakfast this morning. So instead of going on an empty stomach, just grab a diet shake. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who have breakfast had better weight control than those who do not.
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