Getting Acne and Why

Almost 100% of people between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, will get some form of acne; whether it be a light case or in a severe form. And this is regardless of race or ethnicity.

According to research 40% of those cases are severe enough they require a physician or dermatologist. Acne usually lasts anywhere from five to ten years. Going away around the early twenties.

Acne is supposed to affect men and women equally although research is inconclusive on this point. And, in some cases acne can affect a person as late as their thirties, beyond this age is rare, but there have been some cases.
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Acne Skin Disease Ongoing, Research is Continuous

Over the years the research for the skin disease acne, has progressed tremendously. Today, the scientific research also concentrates on the public’s awareness and knowledge about acne.

Although some of the research that has been done on acne has been inconclusive, there have been some developed insights on how acne forms and develops. This in turn led to some improved treatments.

New products are being made for different skin types. And some creams are created to be more effective on acne lesions while less irritability to the skin. Acne is treated on a more individual basis now, where as a decade ago the treatments were more of a grouped therapy, or treatments.
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