Combination Therapies for Acne

Dermatologists do not always use just one treatment for acne at a time. There are many instances where combinations of therapies are tried together. While little study has been done to prove the effectiveness of these treatments, there has been plenty of success with them in clinics across the country.

Your doctor may suggest combination therapy if you have more than one type of acne. Different medications work best for different types of acne, so the thinking is that if both are used, the results will be better over all.

You also might be prescribed combination therapy if other treatments have failed. It is a method that attacks the problem from two or more fronts. This gives your skin a chance to clear up and heal.

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The Psychological Impact of Acne

Although scientists continue research on acne, there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to completely avoid some form of acne at a certain point in a person’s lifetime.
Unfortunately, most acne lesions do appear on the face. Its because of this fact, young men and women can develop complexes or psychological associated problems that are connected to the acne problem.

The theory that young women worry more about their appearance than boys is a misconception. Young women and men are equally concerned when it comes to acne. And some young men and women get so concerned about the acne they become socially withdrawn. Although the behavior of people who struggle with acne are different; characteristics displayed can be the same. Some of those characteristics include:
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The Effectiveness of Acne Laser Treatment

Dermatologists and other skin care experts are using acne laser treatments as the prime weapon in dealing with the problem of acne. First laser is proven to be an effective treatment method that can wipe out acne in a short period of time, plus it can also take out birthmarks, wrinkles and other skin problem.

Acne laser treatment has since been developed into a level that it is now almost 100% effective in battling acne. Along with the proper training of dermatologists, skin care professional and other doctors, the advancement of acne laser treatment has given people suffering from acne a new hope in dealing and fighting acne and at the same time succeeding in a short period of time. No more lengthy acne treatment periods, just a few laser therapy session and it sure that your acne will be gone in a matter of weeks or a month at the most.
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Alternative Acne Solutions

Acne is a very treatable skin disease with a lot of acne treatments that are effective while some are expensive, while there are acne solutions that are also cheaper. Here are some effective acne solutions that a person suffering from acne can do even at the comforts of their home.

Tea tree oil treatment is among the popular acne solutions, it is composed of tea tree oil or also called as melaleuca oil, this natural oil fights bacteria that causes acne and is considered to be among the leading natural acne solutions being practiced in the world today. It has since become a welcome alternative to a lot of over the counter drugs and skin blemish prescription brands. It is very easy to use as well, one will only need to apply tea tree oil on the affected skin and after a few weeks the acne will totally eradicated.

Olive Leaf Extract is another one of the leading acne solutions and is considered to be the ancient treatment method for acne. As the ancient Greeks have discovered, the olive leaf extract is capable of providing healing properties that helps fight the bacteria that causes acne and help the skin becomes healthy and smooth. Olive leaf tea is not only effective against other illnesses like coughs, fevers and infections it has also proven mightily effective in battling acne and acne skin breakouts.
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Not all people are created equal. We have so many differences not only in the way we behave and think but most importantly we see these differences more on the physical aspect. Just like the usual dilemma, we tend to hide from people whenever we see imperfections on ourselves especially when we have acnes. As a start, we panic to find an acne medicine that could quickly lessen or remove acne, which is actually a bad idea because the most important initial step to get rid of acne is by understanding acne and then finding the right acne medicine that suits our need.

Acne medicine covers the process of treating acne from the very start until the end of removing the scars. Finding an expert on skin problems would be the best idea to get rid of acne. Dermatologists has an expertise of knowing your skin problems even at a first glance as they are the ones who can give you advice on the proper way of treating your acne, prescribing you the best acne medicine that will suit your skin type. The effectiveness of an acne medicine depends on the skin type of a person. Some may work for you and some do not. Some of these will lighten your skin but some of these acne medicines can also bring you harm as it can develop skin irritation leading to more skin acnes and scars, so beware!
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Some Products Available For Acne

Since acne is considered a skin disease not only can acne make skin sensitive but acne if not treated, or not treated properly can ultimately cause scarring.

There are several treatments available over the counter to treat acne. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

Whether the product is for cleansing, a gel, a lotion, or a cream, read how the products differ and what they are designed to do. Take a look at what the main ingredients are and familiarize your self with the active ingredients and what the results should be.
Also, remember results won’t be the same for everyone.
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Acne Skin Disease Ongoing, Research is Continuous

Over the years the research for the skin disease acne, has progressed tremendously. Today, the scientific research also concentrates on the public’s awareness and knowledge about acne.

Although some of the research that has been done on acne has been inconclusive, there have been some developed insights on how acne forms and develops. This in turn led to some improved treatments.

New products are being made for different skin types. And some creams are created to be more effective on acne lesions while less irritability to the skin. Acne is treated on a more individual basis now, where as a decade ago the treatments were more of a grouped therapy, or treatments.
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